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Why not come and HAVE-A-GO on a ‘Slurp’?

The HAVE A GO days we’ve run so far have been very successful in sharing the excitement and challenge of the IC ‘Slurp’ One Design. Mainly because it gives all who attend the opportunity to try it in an enjoyable environment.

Essentially the HAVE A GO days are an agreement with someone from a host club: we need a few things from you and in return you get a few things from us.

What we need from you

The first thing is someone from the local club who will champion the cause. After all, we don’t know your club but you do. You’ll generate interest from reasonably experienced sailors (you know what the IC is like to sail!) who want to try the IC 'Slurp' One Design and, ultimately, who’d like to join the class. You’ll also need to arrange the supporting ribs.

What you get from us

During the preparation, we’ll be in continuous contact to talk you through the details of the day, to understand the level of interest and just make sure all the preparations are in place. On the day, we’ll be at the club with 2 x fully rigged IC Slurp One Designs and experienced sailors to support and train everyone through their first time.

The day itself will look something like the following:

If you’re interested in doing something like this at your club and would help us arrange the day or would like to come up and see us at West Kirby Sailing Club and meet the rest of the fleet, it would be great to hear from you, just contact us.